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    Bridgett Bass

    Hey everyone I can’t attend this weekends swap meet due to an ankle injury and up coming surgery so I am posting what I have for sale. Pick up is in Dacula can meet elsewhere depending on timing and location.

    Tuxedo Guppy Fry Pack-$15

    Black Lace Guppy Females-$10 each

    Low Grade red Neo Shrimp-$10 for 10+1

    Wild Type Neo Shrimp-$10 for 10+1

    Hero Rotkeils-$5

    High Color Angel’s about half dollar size-$5

    Mystery snails 4 for $1

    Guppy Grass-softball size $5

    Red Root Floaters $5 sandwich bag

    White Worm Cultures $5

    Bridgett Bass

    Here’s a picture of one of the Angels

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    I’d be interested in about 40$ worth of shrimp if you have that many available. 20 of each red and wild. Shoot me a PM with your number and we can arrange a meeting time.

    Bridgett Bass

    Pm sent

    Bridgett Bass

    Also have

    Sanke Swordtail fry pack 5 for $10

    Bridgett Bass

    Update: Angels and Rotkeils are spoken for. Shrimp are pending sold. I will be up at the Chattanooga swap meet this weekend with everything else.

    Bridgett Bass


    I have 2-3 fry packs of Tuxedo Guppies available $10

    Female Black Metal Lace Guppies they have been with a male $5 each


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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