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    Garrett Stoykewich

    I purchased a 660gph submersible pump to make water changes easier. This baby is too powerful for my preferences, do any of you have experience with using a dimmer to restrict power? Apparently restricting the output flow is another option. I’m thinking that $15 for a smaller pump is the sanest alternative.

    Ryan Young

    I use submersible pumps to drain my tanks. I have a few different sizes that all have the Python quick connect ends attached. Having different size pumps is nice so if you want to just water change a 10g your don’t have to use the same as the one you use on your 125g.

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    Garrett Stoykewich

    I most likely will opt for a 90gph in the near future. Although the good news is that I made a hose to 3/4 PVC connection with an elbow that sits nicely on the aquarium lip and a Tee connector at the bottom to slow the output, just did a water change and it works great!

    Jeremy Caswell

    My guess is a restrictor of any kind will just help you burn out your oversized pump that much faster.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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