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    Buck Meyer

    More information about the event may be found here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/3614567565244579

    Many buyers are interested in what will be available for sale (or could be available) at the Aquatic Swap Meet. Post your list of fish, plants and other aquarium items to this forum thread. Serious comments only, please.

    Arranged sales are encouraged, and will minimize the time spent browsing on the day of the event. It will also assist in mitigation efforts.

    Let’s see what you have!


    I can bring zebra plecos if anyone is interested.

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    Caroline Deason

    I have Demasoni (1.5-2”), Peacock OBs (1.5-2.5”) and an OB Hybrid group 2.5” (one guaranteed male and 4 probable females), Orange Mbuna 1.5” (Zebra), Hemichromis Bimaculatus (1.5-2”) and I could also bring some Bulgarian Sealpoint angel kids (dime-quarter size)

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    Caroline Deason

    Here are some additional photos.

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    Caroline Deason

    Hi, how much do you want for your Zebra Plecos?

    1. I’m bringing an assortment of Bristlenose plecos, lots of different guppies, Trout Goodeids, cherry shrimp, Assassin snails, and an assortment of plants.

    Hey Caroline, I sent you a pm.  I’m charging $125 each or if you buy 5 or more $100 each.


    Christina Simpson

    I will have betta. Lots of betta. $5-10 for domestics, may bring some wild type options (ocellata, rubra, imbellis). Considering bringing plants if there is any interest. Will also have miscellaneous salt water decor/supplies.


    I plan on bringing…three types of killifish, multies, panda corys, glowlight tetras and some starter live cultures.

    Mitchell Broome

    What I’m currently planning to bring…

    apistogramma atahualpa
    apistogramma borelli
    apistogramma panduro
    apistogramma pantalone

    wild type bettas:
    betta balunga
    betta edithae
    betta rubra

    corydoras panda – long fin
    scleromystax barbatus

    melanotaenia lacustris – turquoise rainbow
    rhadinocentrus ornatus Seary’s Creek

    pseudomugil cyanodorsalis
    pseudomugil furcatus
    pseudomugil gertrudae
    pseudomugil luminatus

    aphanius mento zengen
    epiplatys annulatus – clown killie
    oryzias latipes – miyuki rice fish

    brachydanio kerri – long fin blue danio

    hyphessobrycon columbianus – columbian red/blue tetra

    dwarf cichlids:
    nannacara anomala

    oddball tanganyikan shell dweller:
    telmatochromis temporalis “shell”

    labidochromis caeruleus – yellow lab

    Not planning to bring unless someone requests them:
    xiphophorus helleri – neon sword tail
    neolamprologus pulcher – daffodil
    neolamprolugus tetracanthus – tanganyikan substrate spawner
    lamprologus signatus – tanganyikan shell dweller
    corydoras cw140
    pelvicachromis pulcher – albino krib
    corydoras aeneus – bronze

    Ken Davis

    Current list, I will have a few bags of cherry shrimp and there will be more species of Uruguay fry as I am tearing down the outside vats this week.     If you see something you want pre-order, I will not be bringing a lot of these fish otherwise.                                                                                                      South Americans-
    Australoheros sp Local, 1-1,5″ $5
    Australoheros scitulus Rio Cuaro 1-2″ $10
    Cichlasoma dimerus, “Belle Union” F1 1-1.5″ $5
    Cichlasoma dimerus, “Belle Union” F1 2-3″ $10
    Cichlasoma sp Ruta 44 “Gold Acara” F1 1-1.5″ $10
    Cichlasoma sp Ruta 44 “Gold Acara” F1 2-3″ $20
    Gymnogeophagus sp Batovi Blue F1 1/2-1″ $10
    Central American-
    Amphilophus labiatus F3 Big Lip Devils Lago Nicaragua1-2″ $10,
    Amphilophus labiatus F3 Big Lip Devils Lago Nicaragua 2.5-3″ $20
    Amphilophus citinellus, F1 Lago Nicaragua 1.5-2″ $10
    Amphilophus citinellus, F1 Lago Nicaragua 2.5-3″ $20
    Amphilophus chancho, Willem’s German line 3-4″ $25
    Amatitlania siquia Rio Claro 1″ $5
    Amatitlania siquia Rio Monga 1.5-2,5″ $5
    Amatitlania Honduran Red Points Rio Danli 1-2″ $5
    Amatitlania nigrofasiatus Calico 1″-1.5″ $5
    Amatitlania nigrofasiatus platinum/pink 1″-1.5″ $5
    Parachromis motoguensis Rio Blanco 1-1.5″ $10
    Parachromis managuenses, Honduras 1-2″ $5
    Paratheraps fenestrada Lago Catamaco 1-2″ $5
    Amatitlania HRP x Calico Convict, (calico with red fins and blue highlights in the body). F4 1-2″ $10
    Catamaco fenestrada x wild citrinellus, White mother, yellow father, peeling very young, all peeled fish are white, yellow, creamesicle or blue 1-1.5″ $10, 2-3″ $15, 3.5-5″ $25
    Red Chancho F6 back crossed to pure male chancho in each generation (99% chancho genes and still fade) 2-3″ $25, 3,5-4.5″ $35, 5-7″ $50
    Pelvicachromis pulcher Albino 1-1.5″ $5

    Jon Wright


    What are you asking for the Apistos and the Killies?


    Terry myers

    <p style=”text-align: right;”>I’m bringing</p>
    Star Sapphire Placidochromis sp. Phenochilus Tanzania lupingu. 5 inch males and inch and a half to 2 inch unsexed.

    Cyprichromis kituma 8 – 2 to 2.5 inch

    Tropheus red Moliro 3 to 4 inch and 1.5 to 2 inch

    Cynotilapia afra cobue 2 inch. Some male’s showing color

    transcriptus bemba 2 inch unsexed


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    Matt Watkins

    I have some  F1 Aequidens sp. “Jenaro Herrera” fry ready to go that are .75”-1”. If anyone is interested let me know!



    (pictured are the parents)

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    Christie Lyons

    What are you pricing them at?

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