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    Joshua Pullins

    I pmed you about the tetracanthus.

    Ron Kempner

    Hi everyone.

    I will only be able to be at the meet between 11:00 and 12:00. So I will be dropping off pre ordered fish and picking up those that I have pre-ordered. If you are buying make sure you will be at the meet between the hours above or arrange another method of pick up. Please try to bring exact change for what you may buy and I’ll do the same. I will be donating 30% of all proceeds to AAAA. Thanks

    Julidochromis marlier       1” group of 8                       $25

    kyoga flameback                 2” two groups of 6             $20 per group

    kyoga flameback(albino)  1 1/2” group of 5                  $18

    Kyoga flameback                 3” breeding pr.                   $ 20

    Endlers (yellow snakeskin) Trio(10 available )            $10

    Maylandia gershacki   2 1/2” juries 4                             $15

    Maylandia gershaki     Breeding group 4”

    4 fishs (1f/3m)                  $30

    Elelectric blue Acara            1” group of 7                        $20

    Cichlasoma dimerus

    (Bella union)                          1+” group of 6 (2)               $15 per group

    Othopharynx tetrastigma     Group of 3 adults 3”-4”.   $25

    Any questions contact me at rkempner@hotmail.com












    Victor G Castaneda


    I’ll be brining some shrimp (limited numbers) Snowballs, Blue Dream, Tangerine Tigers and maybe Black Fancy Tigers. 2 sunsun 304B canister filters, some plants and other dry good.

    Mitchell Broome

    What I’m currently planning to bring, now with quantities and pricing!  For now, the temporalis are off the list as I don’t have enough older ones to make a group worth selling.   First come, first serve.  So if you want to claim something ahead of time, let me know and I’ll set them aside in the order of people making requests.

    apistogramma atahualpa = 6 unsexed young for $30, 1 adult pair $45
    apistogramma borelli = 6 unsexed young for $30
    apistogramma panduro = 6 unsexed young for $30
    apistogramma pantalone = young pairs for $25 (3 pairs available)

    wild type bettas:
    betta balunga = 5 unsexed subadult $30 (lots available)
    betta edithae = 5 unsexed subadult $30 (lots available)
    betta rubra = 5 unsexed subadult $30

    corydoras panda – long fin = 6 unsexed young $30
    scleromystax barbatus = 6 unsexed young $50

    melanotaenia lacustris – turquoise rainbow = 6 unsexed young $30 (3 groups)
    rhadinocentrus ornatus Seary’s Creek = 6 unsexed young $40

    pseudomugil cyanodorsalis = 6 unsexed young $30 (2 groups converted to freshwater), 6 unsexed young $20 (2 brackish groups)
    pseudomugil furcatus = 5 unsexed $30
    pseudomugil gertrudae = 5 unsexed $30 (2 groups)
    pseudomugil luminatus = 5 unsexed $30

    aphanius mento zengen = 5 unsexed young $20
    epiplatys annulatus – clown killie = 6 unsexed $20 (4 groups)
    oryzias latipes – miyuki rice fish = 6 unsexed $20

    brachydanio kerri – long fin blue danio = 6 adults $15 (2 groups)

    hyphessobrycon columbianus – columbian red/blue tetra = 10 unsexed young $15 (2 groups)

    dwarf cichlids:
    nannacara anomala = 1 adult pair $40, 5 unsexed young $30 (2 groups)

    labidochromis caeruleus – yellow lab = 6 fry $15 (3 groups)

    Not planning to bring unless someone requests them:
    xiphophorus helleri – neon sword tail = 12+ $20
    neolamprologus pulcher – daffodil = 10+ $20
    neolamprolugus tetracanthus – tanganyikan substrate spawner = 6 young adults $20 (3 groups)
    lamprologus signatus – tanganyikan shell dweller = 1 proven pair $40, 6 unsexed young $30 (lots available)
    corydoras cw140 = 6 unsexed young $40 (3 groups)
    pelvicachromis pulcher – albino krib = proven pairs $15 (2 pairs), 6+ fry $15
    corydoras aeneus – bronze = 6 adults $20 (2 groups)
    pterophyllum scalare – black = 6 half dollar+ size $30


    I’ll be bringing 2 bags of about 6-7 Blue eyed lemon plecos, i know Paul wanted some from February of this year, but i am hoping i can bring a second bag. The plecos were born in July and one of the moms (yes one of two moms) was lemon blue eyed and the other was a snow white BN pleco, yet all the fry yielded the lemon blue eyed genes. the reason i say two moms was because i had two females full of eggs and over night they both visited the male and were a lot thinner in the morning, the male was guarding the fry of both females at the same time and i don’t know which fry came form which mom.

    I may likely have many more in the furture as the females make eggs year round, but sadly the fry don’t always live as they live in a cichlid tank and the parents are impossible to move, i can only hope to catch the fry or sometimes let the male in a breeder net, as he every now and then uses a snail shell to breed in other than his prefered piece of drift wood.


    Roses are red,
    Violets are purple,
    Or are they blue?
    Either way,
    I love my fish,
    and so should you!

    1. I’m bringing an assortment of Bristlenose plecos, lots of different guppies, Trout Goodeids, cherry shrimp, Assassin snails, and an assortment of plants.

    Hey, I’m interested in some cherry shrimp to get my colony started. What are your prices so I know how much to bring.

    Linda Dahlgren

    I plan to bring paraiba angelfish, smoky paraiba angelfish, mystery snails (several colors), red crypt, and java moss.

    Chris Gibbs
    1. I’m bringing an assortment of Bristlenose plecos, lots of different guppies, Trout Goodeids, cherry shrimp, Assassin snails, and an assortment of plants.

    pm sent about the goodieds

    Larry Bugg

    I’m bringing Philippine blue angels – Pinoy Paraiba, Paraiba, Smokey Paraiba, Smokeys and Clowns. I will also bring some intermediate black rams.

    donald w norris

    Is anybody bringing any rainbowfish or Sterba’s corydoras (Corydoras sterbai)? I see Mitchell has some Rainbows I’ll look at. Thanks

    Mitchell Broome

    I thought I had posted this link here, but apparently, I failed.  This is a link to a gallery of pics/videos of many of the things I’m going to bring:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/sm9gLSxSVJn5r97J6

    Art Hemmerlein

    Not sure how much I am bringing so let me know if you want something  particular.

    Plants Nubias, Java Fern, Naja grass, hornwort,crypts.
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Black Moscow Guppies   2M 3F  $20 , young 15 for $20</p>
    Eureka Red Peacocks Trio $25  Male $20 young 10 for $10

    Demasoni   1-2″ $5  2+  $8

    Longfin Bristlenose   breeding pair $20

    Bristlenose.standard adults  adults $5

    LF Bristlenose  3″ $8, 1″+ 3 for $10

    Super Red Bristlenose pair $25, 3″ $10

    Orange Australe killifish, trio $20, pair $15

    Panda cories  3 for $15

    Orange shrimp   $4 each

    Art Hemmerlein  309-620-1197, corngrinder50@yahoo.com

    pictures on request



    Ryan Young

    Some items that will be in the trunk. (accepting Paypal, zelle, also have Square)

    Bolbitis Heudelotii

    Hygrophila Polysperma var Tropic Sunset

    Microsorum pteropus

    aponogeton madagascariensis (HAP)

    Neolamprologus Multifasciatus

    Various size heaters

    Pleco caves

    and more….





    AAAA Board of Directors
    HAP Chairman


    I should be able to bring a couple starter cultures of the following. $5 per culture




    please don’t ask the difference. They are all small worms suitable for feeding fry.  I use them to feed killie fry and have used in the past to feed apisto fry the first few days of them being free swimming and I have fed them to Viet Mountain Minnow fry.




    Terry myers


    What I’m bringing to Swap


    Sapphire Placidochromis sp. Phenochilus Tanzania lupingu. 5 inch males $40 each

    and inch and a half to 2 inch unsexed. 6 left

    Cyprichromis kituma 8 – 2 to 2.5 inch sold

    Tropheus red Moliro 3 to 4 inch $20 each and 1.5 to 2 inch $10 each

    Cynotilapia afra cobue 2 inch. Some male’s showing color 5 for$30

    transcriptus bemba 2 inch unsexed 5 for $40



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