Meeting Schedule

The Atlanta Area Aquarium Association typically meets once every month for a presentation and discussion on an aquarium topic. At this time we are having virtual meetings rather than in-person meetings.

2021 Meeting Schedule:
January 23rd (Saturday 6pm Virtual) - Tom Barr "Aquatic plant horticulture methods, are they really all the same?"
February 20th (Saturday 6pm Virtual) - Gary Lang "Chasing the Waposa Red Laser Rainbow fish Virtual"
March 20th (Saturday 2pm Virtual) - Anton Lamboj "Gabon - A fish wonderland"
April 17th (Saturday 6pm Virtual) - Andrew Piorkowski "Goodeids"
May 22nd (Saturday 6pm Virtual) - Jim Cumming "Madagascan and Indian cichlids"
May 29th (Saturday 11AM-3PM) - Swap Meet @ Open Bible Tabernacle
June 19th (Saturday) - Rob McLure "Successful corydoras breeding methods"
July TBA (Saturday) - TBA
August TBA (Saturday) - TBA
September TBA (Saturday) - TBA
October TBA (Saturday) - TBA
November TBA (Saturday) - TBA
December TBA (Saturday) - TBA

Previous Year's Meeting Schedules