Meeting Schedule

The Atlanta Area Aquarium Association typically meets once every month for a presentation and discussion on an aquarium topic. We will be having virtual meetings through March and will resume in-person meetings beginning April 9th at our new location the Georgia Pacific Auditorium at 133 Peachtree St NE Atlanta GA

2022 Meeting Schedule:
February 5th (Saturday 1pm Virtual) – Alex Scharnberg – West African Riverine Cichlid’s Their Taxonomy and Care
March 5th (Saturday 1pm Virtual) – Tristan Watson climate controlling a breeding greenhouse year round, to breeding Betta macrostoma and how to decapsulate brine shrimp for hatching.
In Person Meetings Resume: Georgia Pacific Auditorium
March 19th (Saturday 11am – 3 pm) Swap meet @ Open Bible Tabernacle
April 9th (Saturday 1 pm) – Jeff Miotke - Aquascaping
May 7th (Saturday 1 pm) – Greg Sage – Livebearers
June 4th (Saturday 1pm) - Michael Wolfe on Collection
July 9th (Saturday 1pm) - David Ramsey on Culturing Live Foods
August 6th (Saturday 10am - 3pm) - Swap Meet @ Open Bible Tabernacle
September 11th (Sunday 10am Check-in, 11am Auction Start) - Fall Auction
October 1st (Saturday 1pm) - Michael Echt on Cameroon Collecting trip and the Bowl Show
November 5th (Saturday 1pm) - Gary Lange on Rainbowfish
December TBA (Saturday) - Holiday Party

Previous Year's Meeting Schedules